Talking to Strangers

There are some simple habits you can teach your kids at an early age for talking to strangers on the phone.  If your child ever feels uncomfortable talking to someone on the phone they should get an adult or hang up.  They should never give out personal information over the phone, and they should never indicate that they are home alone.

Telephone Use for Emergencies

Teach your kids how to use the phone in case of an emergency.  Help them to memorize important information like their name, address and phone number.  It is also a good idea to have a list of emergency numbers and contacts near your phone.  You could even create an emergency script in case they ever need to call 911.

900 Numbers

Worried about your kids dialing 900 numbers?  Relax, all Armstrong Telephone lines come with 900 and 976 Call Blocking activated.  This feature is free of charge, and it can be removed.

If you do not have telephone service through Armstrong, you can request your telephone provider block 900 number dialing from your line.  According to the FCC, if you make the request within the first 60 days of your service being installed, it should be free.  However, if you make the request after the first 60 days your telephone provider may charge you a fee to have 900 numbers blocked. To unblock a 900 you must submit a written request to your local telephone company.




Armstrong Telephone provides online account management that can help you monitor and control phone usage in your home. The site makes it easy to take advantage of the free calling features included with your phone service.

  • View your phone bill
  • Listen to voice mail messages
  • Manage your Caller ID on TV
  • Block/Unblock phone numbers
  • Set up/manage call forwarding
  • and more!

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